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GRIT, GRACE & GRAVITAS: The Three Keys to Transforming Leadership, Presence, and Impact, has proven to be an enlightening and effective approach for leaders who are seen as exemplary, motivating, and inspiring. After many requests, the workbook was created to give readers the opportunity to take real-life situations and find innovative solutions. It provides a structure for implementing the ideas and applying the knowledge and insights gained from the book itself to your specific challenges.

What becomes possible when we energize the people on our teams to get through challenging times? What happens when we don’t?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

The second pillar of grace is Relationship Intelligence, the home of emotional intelligence, because everything that matters in work and life depends on the quality of our relationship with others.

Here is an excerpt from Grit, Grace, & Gravitas:

“Mary, an executive in a large financial services firm, led people in her division through an extremely difficult period, after which her boss said, “People are complaining about your leadership.” Mary, responded incredulously, “What do you want – results or happy people?” Her boss looked at her and said, “Mary, the best leaders achieve both.” Mary had the grit and gravitas to get through this difficult period, but her team wound up feeling disempowered, drained, and depleted.”

Mary lacked the social emotional skills that distinguish the two pillars of grace… but she made a life and leadership altering choice. A choice to evolve and become a better leader.

Following her initial reaction, Mary chose to take a deeper look at her leadership and consider why her team was upset with her. In that process she saw how she could have had a more constructive impact, an eye on the importance of her team’s resilience. She saw that she could have led her team to the same business outcomes in ways that could have contributed to their well-being and sense of having accomplished something meaningful together.

What can we take away from this that would further enable us to energize the people on our teams in the midst of difficult challenges?

“Grit, Grace & Gravitas is the ultimate guide to becoming a more compelling, effective leader! This book will transform the way you lead — and how you develop relationships. A must read!”

– Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“Jane Firth disrupts our conventional thinking about executive presence and gravitas. She dispels historic notions of ‘grace under pressure’ and ‘never let them see you sweat.’ She provides distinctions for new leadership behaviors that focus on connection, humility, vulnerability, and empowerment—highly necessary skills for the modern leader. In her workbook, Jane outlines a refreshing analysis and reframing of formerly limiting terminology. I highly recommend this book and this approach.”

– Coco Brown, CEO, The Athena Alliance

“Firth and Zintz’s ability to explain decades worth of research through highly relatable stories, makes Grit, Grace, & Gravitas a compelling read. Their focus on the importance of harnessing the “constructive power of grace” is refreshing in a world that needs more leadership and empathy now than ever. This book empowers its readers to balance grit and gravitas with grace to achieve their personal aspirations as well as inspire their organizations.

– Arpa Garay, President Global Pharmaceuticals, Commercial Analytics, Digital Marketing at Merck & Co.

“Grit, Grace, & Gravitas is a breakthrough book. With one memorable phrase—the constructive power of grace—authors Jane Firth and Andrea Zintz have markedly expanded our understanding of leadership presence. Through detailed and compelling real-life examples, Firth and Zintz skillfully illustrate how the dynamics of grit and gravitas influence leaders’ actions and how grace is the super power that transforms relationships. Grit, Grace, & Gravitas is an intimate, approachable, and compassionate look at the work of leaders, and what it takes to bring out the best in self and others. Applying what you learn will positively change your life.”

– Jim Kouzes, coauthor of the bestselling The Leadership Challenge and Fellow, Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University

“This is a perfect workbook for the emotional realities of our time. This book will give all of us a more compelling, impactful presence in our relationships, our businesses, and our communities.”

– Karin Copeland, Founder/ CEO/ Cultural Futurist CreateXChange

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